How to Make an Abraham Lincoln Hat   January 1st, 2023

Kids Abraham Lincoln CostumeIf you are shopping on a budget and need an affordable President Lincoln hat and costume for your child’s school presentation, play, or Halloween, you can create one if you rather not buy a pre-made Lincoln top hat. Here are some basic tips on how to create your very own homemade Lincoln top hat for school or Halloween

1. For this project, gather the following supplies: 18 inch paper plate, a 24×18 inch black poster paper. The following tools you will need are large scissors, stapler, black acrylic paint, and glue. You can get these supplies at any art store like Michaels or Aaron Brothers.

2. Get an 18″ paper plate and paint it on both sides with black acrylic paint. Allow about half an hour for it to dry. While you wait, you can move to the next step.

3. With a pair of large scissors, cut large black poster card 24 inches wide by 18 inches long. Take this cut black card and wrap it into a cylinder shape by the width. This cylinder should be about 18 inches tall and 12 inches in diameter. Then staple the cylinder at the seams to keep it in place.

4. Take the dried black painted paper plate and cut out the middle with the scissors.

5. Squeeze glue onto the end of the cylinder and press this end onto the paper plate, making sure the holes line up. Hold the cylinder and paper plate together for a few minutes and let it dry. You can add black tape if you need to strengthen the hold.

If you don’t have all the materials or time to make an Abraham Lincoln top hat, you can still shop for an affordable hat. We recommend these hats below:

kid Abraham Lincoln face disguise kit Hero in History

Lincoln Disguise Kit

From the “Heroes in History” costume disguise kit series, this kit includes Abe Lincoln’s stove pipe hat and beard. One size fits most children.

Lincoln Wig and Beard Set

Self Adhesive Lincoln Beard

With this beard set, you can recreate the historical president’s classic look!

New Kid Abraham Lincoln Halloween Costume

Kid Lincoln Costume

This authentic looking kid President Lincoln costume features a long black coat, vest with dickie, pants, and stovepipe style hat. A good value for those who want an Abe Lincoln costume set for their child.

Adult Abraham Lincoln Fancy Costume

Fancy Abraham Lincoln Costume for Adults

If you are an adult who needs a full size Lincoln costume, we recommend this handsome and fancy outfit which includes Lincoln’s iconic a long black coat with buttons and large collar, a matching vest, black tie and top hat. Available in older teen and adult men sizes ranging from small to extra-large!

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Abraham Lincoln Halloween costumes for kids and men.