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America’s legendary historical leader Abraham Lincoln was the 16th president of the United States until his assassination by John Wilkes Booth. Before his unfortunate death, the great man served the country with the entire prowess he had as a political thinker. He was a proud member of the Republican Party and National Union Party. President Lincoln’s great contribution to American history makes him a very popular historical figure for children who are doing projects for school. Many kids return back to school this month. Students need creative ways to do their history reports and dressing up as a US president is one interesting way to do a presentation. So if your child needs to dress up as Abraham Lincoln, take a look at these great patriotic costumes. And these outfits will also give you some good Abraham Lincoln Halloween costume ideas too!

Best Abraham Lincoln Costume Ideas

Kid's President Abe Lincoln Costume

Kid’s Abe Lincoln Costume

This is one of the newest child designed Lincoln outfits available for 2023. Let your kid become the mini command-in-chief for school! Does he dream about suiting up as one of America’s most famous and historical US presidents? This outfit includes a wool-like coat with button down vest, an elastic satin bowtie to insure a comfortable fit around the collar, and Abe’s iconic black top hat!. All you need is a matching pair of black slacks and shoes to complete the outfit!

Boys Abraham Lincoln Costume

Boys Abraham Lincoln Costume

If you just need the jacket, bow tie and stovepipe hat, you can save by purchasing this child Lincoln costume. All you need is a pair of black pants and a beard (sold separately) to complete your child’s outfit. This is available in x-large.

New Abraham Lincoln Costume for Kids

Abraham Lincoln Costume Set for Kids

This is a great bargain for a child President Lincoln child costume set. This realistic costume ensemble costume features a long black coat, vest with attached dickie, black pants and Lincoln’s trademark stovepipe hat. Suitable for children historical plays, school presentations, Memorial Day events, or Halloween. Please note that adhesive beard is sold separately.

kid Abraham Lincoln face disguise kit Hero in History

Lincoln Face Disguise Kit

If you already have the suit for your child but need his iconic hat and beard to complete the look, this popular “Heroes in History” costume disguise kit includes President Lincoln’s stove pipe style soft hat and beard. One size fits most.

Lincoln fake beard

Self Adhesive Lincoln Beard

Complete your favorite president’s costume with Mr Lincoln’s signature beard. This is a self-adhesive fake beard designed to fit most people.

Abraham Lincoln Costume for Kids

Economy Abraham Lincoln Costume for Kids

For parents shopping on a budget, we recommend this economy version of the child President Lincoln costume which will be suited for school book reports or Halloween. This boy’s costume comes with a felt stovepipe hat, adhesive beard and jacket with attached vest. The pants are not included. If you are looking for a complete set, take please take a look at the next higher quality children’s costume below.

Deluxe Adult Abraham Lincoln Clothing Costume

Deluxe Men’s Abraham Lincoln Costume

If you are looking for an adult size costume, we suggest that you take a look at this deluxe costume for men which includes his iconic hat, long jacket, matching pants, vest front with collar, and beard. Available in men’s clothing sizes medium, large, and x-large (XL).

The goal of President Lincoln was to help the country to bravely survive the American Civil War by working through the crisis and preserved the union without giving any approval on slavery. His public service dates back from his being a lawyer and state legislator before he was elected the primal position as president. He had also become a member of the House of Representatives where he began working on bills that would benefit the people of the country. The Emancipation Proclamation of 1863 was his idea, closely linked with the removal of legal slavery in the country. He had also worked on passing the Thirteenth Amendment.

During his time he had also padded the force with intelligent generals and leaders to defend the nation in case more wars came up. An example of threats that came up during his reign was the Trent war with Britain, which was successfully resolved. Minor disputes and conspiracies were also answered to without threatening the state. Even when it endangered to turn people against him, he continued to believe that force is needed to impose the law and was well known to reclaim the need for more volunteers to engage in the war that became problematic for his regime. Well over the end of the Civil War he developed measures to reunite the country by means of reconciling the platforms of national independence to make for a country that is unified above everything. It is his dedication to the welfare of the people that made him one of the high ranking presidents of all time as deemed by scholars.

And parents if you have the resources to afford a great educational field trip for your children, we recommend visiting the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum to gain this great educational experience.

Address of Museum:
212 N. Sixth Street
Springfield, IL 62701
(217) 558-8934

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